Pizhichili: The crown jewel of Ayurvedic therapies


     The crown jewel of all Ayurvedic therapies can easily be awarded to the Pizhichil. Loaded with health benefits as well as being an exquisite tool for deep relaxation, it is a surprise that it is a rarity in the West.
Pizhichil originated in South India and was first utilized by royalty. And if you have ever been lucky enough to receive Pizhichil, than you know why this luxurious therapy was reserved for the royal class. It is an experience that is both deeply nourishing and blissful. Two synchronized therapists pour warm, herbal oil over your entire body from head to toe. All the while receiving synchronized massage in tandem, gently integrating the oil into the tissues.

     This therapy performs both oleation and sudation of the entire body (snehana and swedana).The benefits of this unique therapy are as intriguing as the experience. Pizhichil is highly rejuvenating and gives the body a beautiful luster, strength, immunity and longevity. Pizhichil is highly effective in reducing stress and anxiety, treating a wide range of mental illnesses, nervous system disorders, epilepsy, paraplegia, hemiplegia, paralysis, sciatica, frozen shoulder, hypertension, Vata disorders, sexual debility, fractures and osteoarthritis.  Pizhichil is most effective done in conjunction with Panchakarma or for at least seven days in a row.  With such a wide range of health benefits as well as being an exceptionally blissful therapy to receive, it is a wonder why it is rare to find an Ayurveda center or practitioner in the United States that offers Pizhichil. Many people in this modern world would gain so much benefit from such a therapy as Pizhichil. It is my wish that through raised awareness and practice of natural therapies such as the Pizhichil, that more people will be drawn to this amazing science of Ayurveda.  To make an appointment to receive Pizhichil with Ameya, or to find out more information on where to receive his exceptional therapy in the United States, please call Ameya Duprey (530) 388- 8296

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