AyurDoula Care Programs


Ayurvedic Conscious Conception Program

This program is for couples that wish to play a very active role in creating a healthy, well-balanced child. This includes an initial interview and consultation, at least one round of Panchakarma for both the man and the woman and pre-conception consultations. It can also include prenatal consultations and postpartum doula care for maximum results.

AyurDoula Postpartum Care

This program is for mothers and families who wish for a natural, well-balanced and speedy recovery from the experience of childbirth. The benefits of receiving this care truly last a lifetime. Basic care includes daily massage, heat treatment and warm bath for mother, infant massage, Ayurvedic postpartum cooking, herbal supports, consulting and remedies for specialized postpartum problems.

The benefits to postpartum mothers who receive this care include: a full and fast recovery, no postpartum depression, minimal stress between husband and wife, avoiding the seeding of chronic health problems and strong digestion. The benefits to babies include being colic-free; receiving high quality breast milk, have a strong immune system, good sleeping pattern, increased strength and vitality, being calm and well balanced. AyurDoula postpartum care is an effective system for caring for the specialized needs of mother and baby naturally, in the comfort of your own home. Let Ameya take care of you, so you can take care of your baby! To read more, please click here.



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