Do it yourself home PK cleanse


Do it yourself Home PK Cleanse


Panchakarma, the traditional cleanse of Ayurveda, is a very effective method for cleansing unwanted toxic build-up from your system. It wards off disease, increases your vitality, longevity and virility but actually destroys the disease process and restores balance back to the system. Traditionally panchakarma is done with a practitioner who guides you through the whole process as well as therapists who give you treatments according to your individual needs. This is the most effective and relaxing way to receive panchakarma. Yet, for those who can’t afford to pay the expense of receiving the full panchakarma experience, fortunately there is another option.

Home panchakarma provides a lot of the same benefits as traditional panchakarma, without the added expense. The do-it-yourself home panchakarma cleanse involves first having an in-person or phone consultation, to assess your eligibility for the cleanse and what your needs are, so the proper recommendations of treatment are made. Once eligible, you will be given a treatment program and a copy of the Home Panchakarma Guide, with detailed instructions on how to perform the various therapies that are highlighted for your own personalized needs. These may include: self massage with herbal oil (abhyanga), hot bath or sauna (swedana), well-oiled cloth over the forehead (shirodhara), oil and decoction-base enemas (basti), purgatives (virechana), nose drops (nasya), specialized diet and deep rest (taking time off work).

During your cleanse you will have full access to Ameya to call her with any questions or concerns that may come up during your panchakarma. The length of your panchakarma will be tailored to your health needs and how much time you can take off from work. In most cases it is between 5 and 14 days long. After your panchakarma is complete, you will have a rejuvenation consultation, where you will be recommended a rejuvenating herbal formula and given guidance on how to achieve optimum results from your cleanse.

Panchakarma detoxification is a very important aspect of maintaining a healthy body and balanced existence. Effectively cleansing the system is something everyone needs to have access to. The Do-It-Yourself Home Panchakarma Cleanse makes this profound method of healing and cleansing available to everyone, with the added benefit of having professional guidance and support throughout your entire experience.

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