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Ameya Duprey is a respected graduate and visiting faculty member of Alandi Ayurveda Gurukula. She is dedicated to preserving and practicing the authentic teachings and body therapies of traditional Ayurveda and has devoted herself to this noble endeavor for the last ten years. Her gentle and nurturing presence will bring great benefit to her clients.

Dr. Alakananda Devi. Alandi Ayurvedic Gurukula Boulder, CO


I’ve had multiple joint surgeries, mostly due to osteoarthritis. I can’t lay flat. I received an Abhyanga/ Nadi Swedana combination treatment from Ameya. During my treatment, I was comfortable laying down and experienced no pain. I also noticed when I was done; my knee that has been swollen for 2 years was surprisingly normal looking. A year of acupuncture has not helped the swelling to the degree that Ameya did in an hour and a half! I highly recommend Ameya. She has the sensitivity and expertise to fit whatever your needs are. She is my favorite Ayurvedic practioner and massage therapist.

June Gage, Dental Hygienist, MA

Thank you for guiding me through the Panchakarma process. Due to your caring nature and knowledgeable presence, even Vamana was so easy. I thoroughly enjoyed all of the Ayurvedic therapies.

Ileana Sutter, massage therapist/esthetician, Grass Valley, CA


The postpartum massage, delicious food and your nurturing, consistent presence made a big difference to me in those first days home from the hospital. It helped me to get grounded. It was so valuable to have someone come every day to care just for me. I really needed it. You were always gracious, thoughtful, and kind. Thank you so much.

Sara Root – First time mother/ recipient of AyurDoula care, Nevada City, CA


I wanted to thank you for facilitating the extensive Panchakarma training at Alandi Ashram. Your ability to instruct and guide the students through the training allowed us to see the effectiveness of this work. Not only did you display a unique style of teaching, but also your ability to transmit the deeper teachings of Panchakarma allowed for my practice to be enriched and have an impressive outcome with my own patients. Thank you again.

Lauren Eisele, Ayurvedic practitioner Boulder, CO

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